Technical Reports of the Department of Computer Science

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CSM-474 "LePUS3 and Class-Z Reference Manual" A. Eden, E. Gasparis and J. Nicholson
CSM-473 "Design mining in LePUS3/Class-Z: search space and abstraction/concretization operators" E. Gasparis and A. Eden
CSM-472 "The LePUS3 and Class-Z companion to the 'Gang of Four' design patterns" A. Eden, J. Nicholson and E. Gasparis
CSM-471 "Verification of LePUS3/Class-Z Specifications: Sample models and Abstract Semantics for Java 1.4" J. Nicholson,  A. Eden and E. Gasparis
CSM-470 A SIMD interpreter for Genetic Programming on GPU Graphics Cards, W. B. Langdon
CSM-469 An Analysis of Publications on Particle Swarm Optimisation Applications, R. Poli
CSM-468 t.b.a. Robert E Keller
CSM-467 Quotient Geometric Crossover, Y. Yoon, Y-H. Kim, A. Moraglio and B-R. Moon
CSM-466 Geometric Crossovers for Real-code Representation, Y. Yoon, Y-H Kim, A. Moraglio and B-R. Moon
CSM-465 The Sampling Distribution of Particle Swarm Optimisers and their Stability, R. Poli


CSM-464 On the Limiting Distribution of Program Sizes in Tree-based Genetic Programming, R. Poli, W. B. Langdon, S. Dignum
CSM-463 Continuous Optimisation Theory Made Easy? Finite-element Models of Evolutionary Strategies, Genetic Algorithms and Particle Swarm Optimizers, R. Poli
W. B. Langdon, M. Clerc, C. R. Stephens
CSM-462 Behavioural Funnelling, John Pisokas
CSM-461 Problems in the ontology of computer programs, A.H. Eden and R. Turner
CSM-460 Stagnation Analysis in Particle Swarm Optimisation or What Happens When Nothing Happens, M. Clerc and R. Poli (editor)
CSM-459 Modelling the Regularity in an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for Continuous Multiobjective Optimisation with Variable Linkages, Q. Zhang, A. Zhou and Y. Jin
CSM-458 Shopbots: A syntactic present, a semantic future, M. Fasli
CSM-457 Predicting Ten Thousand Bits from Ten Thousand Inputs,  W.B. Langdon
CSM-456 The Halting Probability in Von Neumann Architectures (summary), W. B. Langdon & R. Poli
CSM-455 Evolving Problems to Learn about Particle Swarm Optimisers and other Search Algorithms, W. B. Langdon & R. Poli
CSM-454 Cycle Crossover for Permutations with Repetitions, A. Moraglio, Y-H. Kim, Y. Yoon, B-Ro Moon & R. Poli
CSM-453 Communication, Leadership, Publicity and Group Formation in Particle Swarms, R. Poli, W. B. Langdon,  P. Marrow, J. Kennedy, M. Clerc, D. Bratton, N. Holden
CSM-452 Extending the Particle Swarm Algorithm to Model Animal Foraging Behaviour, C. Di Chio, R. Poli, P. Di Chio
CSM-451 P300-based BCI Mouse with Genetically-optimised Analogue Control, L. Citi, R. Poli, C. Cinel and F. Sepulveda
CSM-450 A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Decomposition, Q. Zhang and H. Li
CSM-449 Analogue P300-based BCI pointing device,  L Citi, R Poli and C Cinel
CSM-448 Geometric Crossover for Permutations with Repetitions: Applications to Grpah Partitioning,  A. Moraglio, Y-H Kim, Y. Yoon, B-R Moon, R. Poli
CSM-447 Product Geometric Crossover, A. Moraglio
CSM-446 Emergent Behaviour, Population-based Search and Low-pass Filtering, R. Poli, A.H. Wright, N.F. McPhee, W.B. Langdon


CSM-445 On Turing Complete T7, and MISC F-4 Program Fitness Landscapes, W. B. Langdon, R Poli
CSM-444 LDGrid: Requirements and Technologies, U. Kruschwitz
CSM-443 Kernel methods for PSOs, W.B. Langdon, R. Poli, C.R. Stephens
CMS-442 An elementary formulation of Riemann's Zeta function, R. Poli and W. B. Langdon
CMS-441 1st UK Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Education, ed. M. Fasli
CSM-440 Information and Performance Landscapes, R, Poli and Y. Borenstein
CSM-439 Revised Experiment in Evolution Complexity:
Instructions to Subjects
, T. Mens & A. Eden
CSM-438 Underspecification and Anaphora: Theoretical Issues and Preliminary Evidence, M. Poesio, P. Sturt, R. Artstein and R. Filik
CSM-437 Kappa3 = alpha (or beta), R. Artstein and M. Poesio
CSM-436 LePUS2 User Guide, E. Gasparis
CSM-435 Genetic Local Search for Job Shop Scheduling Problem, A. Moraglio
CSM-434 Report on the NCeSS Agenda Setting Workshop on Confidentiality and Data Sharing, U. Kruschwitz
CSM-433 Understanding the Biases of Generalised Recombination, R. Poli and C. Stephens
CSM-432 Coarse Grained Dynamics for Generalised Recombination, C. Stephens, R. Poli
CSM-431 Experiments in Evolution Complexity: Instructions to Subjects, A. Eden
CSM-430 Geometric Landscape of Homologous Crossover for Syntactic Trees, A. Moraglio and R. Poli
CSM-429 Abstract Geometric Crossover for the Permutation Representation, A. Moraglio and R. Poli
CSM-428 A survey: advanced vision technologies in the control of wheelchairs, H. Hu
CSM-427 Coarse Graining in an Evolutionary Algorithm with Recombination, Duplication and Inversion, R. Poli and C. Stephens
CSM-426 Theoretical Analysis of Generalised Recombination, R. Poli and C. Stephens
CSM-425 Backward-Chaining Genetic Programming, R. Poli and W. Langdon
CSM-424 Evolution Complexity, A. Eden and T. Mens
CSM-423 Evolutionary Solo Pong Players, W. Langdon and R. Poli
CSM-422 Sensors and Data Fusion Algorithms in Mobile Robotics, H. Hu and J. Gan


CSM-421  The Specification Logic vZ, M. Henson, M. Deutsch and B. Kajtazi
CSM-420 A Survey - Human Movement Tracking and Stroke Rehabitation, H. Zhou and H. Hu
CSM-419 The Intension/Locality Hypothesis, A. Eden and R. Turner
CSM-418 N. Jin - details to follow
CSM-417 N. Jin - details to follow
CSM-416 A Survey of AI-based Meta-heuristics for Dealing with Local Optima in Local Search, P. Mills, E. Tsang, Q. Zhang and J. Ford
CSM-415 Proceedings of TAROS 2004, Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems, U. Nehmzow and C. Melhuish (Editors)
CSM-414 A Hybrid Approach to Inverse Kinematics Modelling and Control of Pioneer 2 Robotic Arms, Eric Rosales, J. Gan, E. Oyama, H. Hu
CSM-413 Forward and Inverse Kinematics Models for a 5-DOF Pioneer 2 Root Arm, E. Rosales and J. Gan
CSM-412 CMAC and ANFIS for Nonlinear Modeling, E. Rosales and J. Gan
CSM-411 Abstraction Strata in Software Design, A. Eden
CSM-410 SSCM Experimental Result Analysis Systems, T. Gosling
CSM-409 SSCM Experimental System, T. Gosling
CSM-408 Topological Crossover for the Permutation Representation, A. Moraglio and R. Poli
CSM-407 Modular reasoning in Z: scrutinising monotonicity and refinement, M. Deutsch, M. Henson & S. Reeves
CSM-406 ZDC-Rostering: A Personnel Scheduling System Based On Constraint Programming, E. Tsang, J. Ford, P. Mills, R. Williams, P. Scott
CSM-405 PhD in Open Constraint Satisfaction: SSCM, A Position Statement, T. Gosling
CSM-404 Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Robot Systems: A Survey, D. Gu and E. Yang
CSM-403 R. Poli
CSM-402 R. Poli
CSM-401 Population Based Incremental Learning Versus Genetic Algorithms: Iterated Prisoners Dilemma, T. Gosling, N. Jin and E. Tsang
CSM-400 Multi-agent Foreign Exchange Market Modelling via GP, S. Dignum and R. Poli
CSM-399 Providing Robust Access to Data in Web Pages, J. Robinson
CSM-398 Data Extraction from Web Data Sources, J. Robinson
CSM-397 The Foundations of Specification II, Ray Turner
CSM-396 The Foundations of Specification I, Ray Turner

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CSM-395 Implementing Scenario One Strategies and the Use of Evolutionary Computation, T. Gosling
CSM-394 The Scenario One Strategies, T. Gosling
CSM-393 SSCM Scenarios, T. Gosling
CSM-392 The Simple Supply Chain Model (SSCM), T. Gosling & E. Tsang
CSM-391 Data-Refinement, M. Deutsch & M. Henson
CSM-390 Convergence of GENET Guided Local Search for CSPs, Qingfu Zhang, Z. Xu, E. Tsang, J. Ford, H. Li and J. Sun
CSM-389 Reasoning about the dynamics of social behaviour, Fasli M.
CSM-388 Thalis: A flexible trading agent, Fasli M. with Poursanidis N.
CSM-387 Two-Tier Programming, A. Eden, R. Kazman (Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA and University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI) and C. Fox
CSM-386 Firing Conditions, M. Deutsch
CSM-385 Cooperation in Competitions - Constraint Propagation Strategies in Chain-bargaining, E. Tsang
CSM-384 An Analysis of Total Correctness Refinement Models for Partial Relation Semantics II, M. Deutsch & M. Henson
CSM-383 Four Theories for Backward Simulation Data Refinement, M. Deutsch & M. Henson
CSM-382 The Integrated Architecture Environment: A Two-Tier Programming Tool, A. Eden
CSM-381 Operation Refinement and Monotonicity in the Schema Calculus, M. Deutsch, M. Henson & S. Reeves
CSM-380 An Analysis of Forward Simulation Data Refinement, M. Deutsch & M. Henson
CSM-379 Results on Formal Stepwise Design in Z, M. Deutsch, M. Henson & S. Reeves
CSM-378 Modelling Human Locomotion, P. Wolkotte, University of Twente, the Netherlands
CSM-377 On the Definitions of Architecture, Design, and Implementation, A. Eden and R. Kazman (Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA and University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI)

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CSM-376 Reasoning about Knowledge and Belief: A Syntactical Treatment, M. Fasli
CSM-375 Walking Robots - A Survey and a Research Proposal, R. Knight & U. Nehmzow
CSM-374 Robot Action Selection through Subsymbolic Planning, J. Pissokas & U. Nehmzow
CSM-373 Emergence, Abstract Multiagent Systems and Multi-state Networks, J. Adam
CSM-372 Heterogeneous BDI Agents, M. Fasli
CSM-371 Extending Guided Local Search - Towards a Metaheuristic Algorithm with no Parameters to Tune, E. Tsang, P. Mills and J. Ford
CSM-370 Discourse Structure and Anaphora: an Empirical Study,  M. Poesio, B. di Eugenio and G. Keohane
CSM-369 A Corpus-based Evaluation of Centering Theory, M. Poesio, R. Stevenson, H. Cheng, B. di Eugenio and J. Hitzeman
CSM-368 t.b.a. U. Nehmzow
CSM-367 GA Learning in Multi-Robot Scenarios: The PEGA Algorithm, U. Nehmzow
CSM-366 Experiments with Staged Learning for a Continually Operating Robot, U. Nehmzow & G. Ireland
CSM-365 Using schema theory to explore interactions of multiple operators, N. McPhee & R. Poli
CSM-364 An Analysis of Operation Refinement in Z, M. Deutsch, M. Henson & S. Reeves
CSM-363 Six Theories of Operation Refinement for Partial Relation Semantics, M. Deutsch, M. Henson & S. Reeves,
CSM-362 An Analysis of Total Correctness Refinement Models for Partial Relation Semantics I, M. Deutsch, M. Henson & S. Reeves
CSM-361 A Logic for Schema-based Program Development, M. Henson & S. Reeves
CSM-360 Discovering Efficient Learning Rules for Feedforward Neural Networks using Genetic Programming, A. Radi & R. Poli
CSM-359 Constraint Satisfaction in Business Processes Modelling, E. Tsang
CSM-358 An analysis of random number generators for a hardware implementation of Genetic Programming using FPGAs and Handel-C',  P. Martin,
CSM-357 Analysis of the behaviour of a hardware implementation of Genetic Programming using FPGAs and Handel-C', P. Martin & R. Poli,
CSM-356 Constructing inter-relational rules for semantic query optimisation, B. Lowden
CSM-355 Improved information retrieval using semantic optimisation, B. Lowden
CSM-354 An analysis of file space properties using clustering, B. Lowden
CSM-353 A Pipelined Hardware Implementation of Genetic Programming using FPGAs and Handel-C, P. Martin
CSM-352 On the Search Biases of Homologous Crossover in Linear Genetic Programming and Variable-length Genetic Algorithms,  R. Poli, C. Stephens, A. Wright & J. Rowe

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CSM-351 New Implicit Updates in Multi-step Quasi-Newton Methods for Unconstrained Optimisation, J. Ford & S. Tharmlikit
CSM-350 Diffusion in Linear Genetic Programming and Variable-Length Genetic Algorithms with Subtree Crossover, R. Poli, J. Rowe, C. Stephens, A. Wright
CSM-349 Benford's Law: An Empirical Investigation and a Novel Explanation  P. Scott and M. Fasli
CSM-348 Paul Scott
CSM-347 Paul Scott
CSM-346 Task Abstractions, T. Gerdsmeier and R. Cardell-Oliver
CSM-345 On Commitments, Roles and Obligations, M. Fasli
CSM-344 Two Semantic Embeddings of Z-Schemas in Isabelle/HOL,  N. Völker
CSM-343 A Deep Embedding of ZC in Isabelle/HOL, N. Völker
CSM-342 Using a Network of Workstations to Enhance Database Query Processing Performance, M. Al-Haddad & J. Robinson
CSM-341 Kernel Abstractions, T. Gerdsmeier

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CSM-340 A Method for Verifying Real-Time Properties of Ada Programs, T. Gerdsmeier & R. Cardell-Oliver
CSM-339 Analysis of Scheduling Behaviour with Timed Automata - Protected Objects, T. Gerdsmeier & R. Cardell-Oliver
CSM-338 A Type Theoretic Context for Friedman's Set Theory B, E. Wilkins
CSM-337 From Topoi to Sets and Back Again, E. Wilkins
CSM-336 Test Frame: A Test Generation Tool for Real-Time Systems, T. Glover
CSM-335 Analysis of Scheduling Behaviour using Generic Timed Automata, T. Gerdsmeier and R. Cardell-Oliver
CSM-334 Biendomorphism Rings of Finitely Presented Simple Modules, E. Wilkins
CSM-333 Topos Semantics and Isabelle, E. Wilkins

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CSM-332 A Visual Tracking and Prediction Algorithm for Robot Football, E. Smith and H. Hu
CSM-331 Evaluating and Comparing the 2-Tier and 3-Tier Client/Server Architectures, E. Katsaros & M. Colley
CSM-330 Conformance Testing of Real-Time Systems against Timed Automata Specifications, R. Cardell-Oliver
CSM-329 Using a MLP to Predict Packet Loss During Real-time Video Transmission, S. Lavington, H. Hagras and N. Dewhurst
CSM-328 A Survey of Multi-step Quasi-Newton Methods, J. Ford
CSM-327 Solving the MAX-SAT Problem using Guided Local Search,  P. Mills and E. Tsang
CSM-326 Optimising Client-Server Performance when Mining Large Databases, N. Dewhurst and S. Lavington
CSM-325 Towards a Theory of Evidence,  E. Wilkins and S. Lavington
CSM-324 EaCL 1.5: An Easy Abstract Constraint Optimisation Programming Language, P. Mills, E. Tsang, R. Williams, J. J. Ford. Borrett

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CSM-323 A Neural Network Toolkit for Financial Prediction, R. Pugh & E. Tsang
CSM-322 t.b.a.
CSM-321 EACL: An Easy Abstract Constraint Programming Language, P. Mills,  E. Tsang,  R. Williams,  J. Ford and T. Borrett
CSM-320 Intelligent Buildings Group, V. Callaghan,  S. Sharples,  G. Clarke
CSM-319 The standard logic of Z is inconsistent, M. Henson
CSM-318 Principles of CORBA, D. Lyons
CSM-317 Investigating Z: the schema calculus, M. Henson & S. Reeves
CSM-316 Implicit Updates in Multi-step Quasi-Newton Methods, J. Ford
CSM-315 A Nonlinear Model for Function-value Multi-step Methods, I. Moghrabi. and J. Ford
CSM-314 Bundles and Presheaves, a Logic of Evidence, E. Wilkins and S. Lavington
CSM-313 Overcoming Fragmentation in Decision Trees Through Attribute Value Grouping, K. Ho and P. Scott
CSM-312 New Foundations for Z, M. Henson and S. Reeves
CSM-311 Revising Z: semantics and logic, M. Henson
CSM-310 A Logic for the Schema Calculus, M. Henson
CSM-309 Vernacular Programming: General Recursion, M. Henson
CSM-308 A Behaviour Based Hierarchical Fuzzy Control Architectural Real Time Autonomous Mobile Robots, H. Hagras, V. Callaghan,  M. Colley, and M. Carrr-west
CSM-307 Market Efficiency, Predictability and Genetic Algorithms, J. Li and E. Tsang
CSM-306 A Practical and Complete Algorithm for Testing Real-Time Systems, R. Cardell-Oliver and T. Glover
CSM-305 Guided Genetic Algorithm and its application to the Processor Configuration Problem, T. Lau and E. Tsang
CSM-304 Solving the Generalized Assignment Problem with the Guided Genetic Algorithm,  T. Lau and E. Tsang
CSM-303 The Guided Genetic Algorithm and its Application to the Generalized Assignment Problem,  T. Lau and E. Tsang

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CSM-302 Statistical Methods of Text Classification, J. Lynch
CSM-301 Vision-Based Interaction with Virtual Worlds for the Design of Robot Controllers, D'Aulignac, V. Callaghan and S. Lucas
CSM-300 An Autonomous Vehicle Navigation System Using Panoramic Machine Vision Techniques,  K. Rushant and L. Spacek
CSM-299 Planning and Control: A Decision-Theoretic Approach, Y. Stavroulas and S. Steel
CSM-298 An Autonomous Vehicle Navigation System using Panoramic Machine Vision Techniques, K. Rushant and L. Spacek
CSM-297 The Effect of IP/SMDS Network Traffic on 1.6 Mbits/sec. Synthetic Video Streamed between UCL and Essex University, R. Gamble & S. Lavington
CSM-296 An Efficient Global Discretization Method, K. Ho & P. Scott
CSM-295 Directions in Genetic Programming, P. Smith
CSM-294 Full-motion video over the SuperJANET SMDS network: summary of experiments conducted between Cambridge and Essex Universities on 10 September 1997, R. Gamble & S. Lavington
CSM-293 A parameterised synthetic video server/client system for network resource analysis, R. Gamble & S. Lavington
CSM-292 A Logic for Z, R. Turner
CSM-291 B. Lowden
CSM-290 An Equivalence theorem for the Operational and Temporal Semantics of Real-Time, concurrent Programs, R. Cardell-Oliver
CSM-289 Combining Tools for the Verification of Fault-Tolerence Systems, B. Buth, R. Cardell-Oliver & J. Peleska (Preliminary Version)
CSM-288 P. Scott
CSM-287 Zete: A Global Method for Discretization of continuous Variables, K. Ho & P. Scott
CSM-286 SNOUT: An Intelligent Assistant for Exploratory Data Analysis, P. Scott, A. Coxon, M. Hobbs. & R. Williams
CSM-285 Forming Categories in Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining, P. Scott, R. Williams & K. Ho
CSM-284 Case Study in Z: Formal Specification of the Enrolment System, S. Mirian-Hosseinabadi
CSM-283 Pilot experiments in broadband interactive video using OVS, S. Lavington, R. Gamble & N. Dewhurst

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CSM-282  Uncertainty in connectionist Learning, J. Feist & P. Scott
CSM-281 Where is the Psycholinguistics in Programming Language Design?, C. Douce
CSM-280 Rule Maintenance in Semantic Query Optimization with Statistical Techniques, B. Lowden  & P. Chan
CSM-279 Applying Low Power Genetic Algorithm to Processor Configuration Problem, L. Leng & P. Tsang
CSM-277 A Belief-Centered Treatment of Pragmatic Presupposition, L. Manara & A. De Roeck
CSM-276 No More 'Partial' and 'Full Looking Ahead, E. Tsang
CSM-275 Integrity Constraint Checking using Hypothetical Analysis of Modal Records, B. Lowden  & C. Lim
CSM-274 Running KDD primitives on the IBM SP2: preliminary measurements, D. Thoen, S. Lavington  & N. Dewhurst
CSM-273 A simple analytic SQL benchmark for set-based KDD primitives, D. Thoen, & S. Lavington
CSM-272 Active functionality at the SQL level, N. Dewhurst & S. Lavington
CSM-271 Further development of minimum curvature multi-step quasi-Newton methods for unconstrained optimization, J. Ford. & J. Moghrabi
CSM-270 An alternating multi-step quasi-Newton method for unconstrained optimization, J. Ford. & J. Moghrabi
CSM-269 Adaptive Constraint Satisfaction, J. Borrett & E. Tsang
CSM-268 A Behavioural Vision System for Search and Motion Tracking, D. Livingstone & L. Spacek
CSM-267 Efficient instance-based learning for relational DBMS running on parallel SQL platforms, A. Freitas, S. Lavington, D. Thoen & R. Gamble
CSM-266 Speeding up knowledge discovery in large relational databases by means of a new discretization algorithm, A. Freitas  & S. Lavington
CSM-265 Borrett, J.
CSM-264 Towards a Formal Framework for Comparing constraint satisfaction problem formulations, J. Borrett
CSM-263 A New Multi-Step Quasi-Newton method for unconstrained optimization, J. Ford, & S. Yull
CSM-262 Comparing CSP algorithms without considering variable ordering heuristics can be misleading, A. Kwan & E. Tsang
CSM-261 The validity of normality assumption in CSP research, A. Kwan & E. Tsang
CSM-260 Minimal forward checking with backmarking, A. Kwan & E. Tsang

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CSM-259 EDDIE Beats The Bookies, J. Butler & E. Tsang
CSM-258  Applying a Mutation-Based Genetic Algorithm to Processor Configuration Problems, L. Lau & E. Tsang
CSM-257 Improved Algorithms of Illinois-Type for the Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Equations, J. Ford
CSM-256 Adaptive Constraint Satisfaction: the Quickest First Principle, J. Borrett, E. Tsang and N. Walsh
CSM-255 Papers of the 14th Worshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group, S. Steel (ed)
CSM-253 A Theorem Proving Abstraction of Model Checking, R. Cardell-Oliver & C. Southon
CSM-252 Using SQL primitives and parallel DB servers to speed up knowledge discovery in large relational databases, A. Freitas  & S. Lavington
CSM-251 Multi-step Quasi-Newton Optimization Algorithms which Utilize Curvature Information, J. Ford & I, Moghrabi
CSM-250 Partial Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Guided Local Search, C. Voudouris & E. Tsang
CSM-249 Function Optimization using Guided Local Search, C. Voudouris & E. Tsang
CSM-248 IFSQ User Documentation, S. Lavington  & N. Dewhurst
CSM-247 Guided local search, C. Voudouris & E. Tsang
CSM-246 Fast local search and guided local search and their application to British Telecom's workforce scheduling problem, E. Tsang & C. Voudouris
CSM-245 Linking Notations and Theories in a Proof Tool, R. Cardell-Oliver & R. Hale
CSM-244 Simulating Societies using Distributed AI, J. Doran
CSM-243 Hardware support for parallel closure operations, S. Lavington, R. Gamble, N. Dewhurst, D. Thoen  & A. Marsh
CSM-242 A data-parallel primitive for high-performance knowledge discovery in large databases, A. Freitas  & S. Lavington
CSM-241 Quantification in classical planning, A. Kwan, E. Tsang & J. Borrett
CSM-240 Implementing Z in Morgan's Refinement Calculus, S.H. Mirian-Hosseinabadi
CSM-237 PACE: A Prototype Design, T. Reynolds, M. Waite & F. Ieromnimon
CSM-236 Observations on the Usefulness of Arc Consistency Preprocessing, J. Borrett
CSM-235 Performance Analysis of the IFS/2 Knowledge-Base Server: Experimental Results, S. Lavington,  N. Dewhurst, D. Thoen, & R. Gamble
CSM-234 SQLOG: A Relational Language with Recursion, N. Dewhurst & S. Lavington
CSM-233 Occlusion Analysis Using Boundary Correspondence, T. Rachidi & L. Spacek
CSM-232 A Connectionist Architecture for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems by Iterative Improvement,  A. Davenport, E. Tsang, C. Wang, & K. Zhu
CSM-231 Computing 2-D affine transform of boundaries of points of significant curvature, T. Rachidi & L. Spacek
CSM-230 Modelling Early Human Society, J. Doran

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CSM-229 Quantification in classical planning, S. Steel
CSM-226 Parallel Computation of Linear Recursive Queries in Knowledge-based Systems, S. Lin & J. Robinson
CSM-225 Answering N-chain Recursive Queries with Arithmetic, J. Robinson & S. Lin
CSM-224 Constructing coherent boundaries, T. Rachidi & L. Spacek
CSM-223 An architecture for constructing fault-tolerant transputer systems, M. Colley & J. Standeven
CSM-222 Evacuation: A Software strategy to support fault-tolerant transputer systems, M. Colley,  O. Aghanya & J. Standeven
CSM-221 A fault-tolerant pipeline application for the RaFT system, J. Standeven, M. Colley  & O. Aghanya
CSM-220 The RaFT simulation environment, J. Standeven, M. Colley  & N. Chandhant
CSM-219 Hardware voting of transputers inreal-time nMR fault-tolerant systems, J. Standeven & M. Colley
CSM-218 The image format mess: What's your tiff (or survival of the flexible!), V. Callaghan
CSM-217 A programmable logic based multiprocessor engine for real-time vision reprocessing, Freeman, S, Spacek, L., V. Callaghan & P. Chernett,
CSM-216 Fuzzy hierarchical control for autonomous vehicles, C. Voudrouris, P. Chernett, C. J. Wang & V. Callaghan
CSM-215 Experiments in vernacular program derivation, M. Henson
CSM-214 A case study using timed transition diagrams and the HOL theorem prover for the formal development of production cell, R. Cardell-Oliver
CSM-213 The Tunnelling Algorithm for Partial CSPs and Combinatorial Optimisation Problems, C. Voudouris and E. Tsang
CSM-212 Round-pound arithmetic, I. MacCallum
CSM-211 ARDOR: A query optimiser using automatic rule derivation, B. G. T. Lowden and K. J. Lim
CSM-210 An attempt to map the performance of a range of algorithm and heuristic combinations, E. P. K. Tsang, Borrett, J. E. and A. C. M Kwan, September 1994
CSM-209 Minimum curvature multi-step quasi-newton methods for unconstrained optimisation, J. A. Ford  and I. A. Moghrabi
CSM-208 An experiment in vernacular program derivation, M.C. Henson
CSM-207 The Brooker Laboratory for Intelligent embedded systems, V. Callaghan, P. Chernett & D. Lyons
CSM-206 Translating English into Martin-Lof's Theory of Types: A Compositional Approach, R. Davila-Perez
CSM-205 IFS/Q Firmware: Technical Description, A. Marsh, D. Thoen, R. Gamble and S. Lavington
CSM-204 The Essex Occam Profiler, A. Marsh and S. Lavington
CSM-202 Boundary-based correspondence computation using the topology constraint, T. Rachidi & L. Spacek
CSM-201 GENET: A Connectionist Architecture for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems by Iterative Improvement, A, Davenport, E. Tsang and K. Zhu

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CSM-200 Weak Theories of Operations and Types, R. Turner
CSM-199 The Vision Library (Version 7.5), User's Manual, L. Spacek
CSM-198 Mapping Constraint Satisfaction Problems to Algorithms and Heuristics,  E. Tsang and A. Kwan
CSM-197 Improving Norman's reading ability: Computational simulation of word recognition with the Logogen model, S. J. Soltysiak, & J. Masterson
CSM-196a On the proof theory of program transformations, M.C. Henson
CSM-196b On the proof theory of program transformations, M.C. Henson
CSM-195 Transformations as proofs, M.C. Henson
CSM-194 Portable Natural Language Front Ends - A Review, F.A. Barros and A. De Roeck
CSM-193 Constructing Coherent Boundaries, T. Rachidi and L. Spacek
CSM-192 An intensional semantics for elementary program transformation, M. Henson
CSM-191 An English Paraphraser for Logical Query Languages, B.G.T. Lowden, B.R. Walls, A.N. De Roeck, C.Fox
CSM-190 Using a Genetic Algorithm to Tackle the Processors Configuration Problem, T. Warwick and E.P.K. Tsang,
CSM-189 Model Queries for Relational Databases, C.J. Fox, B.G.T. Lowden, R. Turner,  March 1993
CSM-188 Face recognition through learnt boundary characteristics, L. A. Spacek, M. Kubat and D. Flotzinger
CSM-187 Thinning Image Boundaries, L. Spacek, March 1993
CSM-186 Arithmetic for Parallel Linear Recursive Query Evaluation in Deductive Databases, J. Robinson and S. Lin
CSM-185 A Connection between Decision Theory and Program Logic, S. Steel
CSM-184 Planning and Execution using Partial Decision Trees, L.C. Ho and S. Steel
CSM-183 Part 1 and Part 2 Actions on Belief, S. Steel
CSM-182 Manchester Computer Architectures, 1948-1975, S.H. Lavington
CSM-181 Comparing Several Implementations of a Hardware Hasher Unit, M.J. Lear, E. James, S.H. Lavington, B. Srisuchinwong, T.A. York and A.M. Somerville


CSM-180 An SQL Interface for the IFS/2 Knowledge-Base Server: Release2, S. Lavington, N. Dewhurst, A. Marsh, J. Emby and D. Thoen
CSM-179 Transformational derivation in the programming logic TK, M. Henson
CSM-178 Learning to Recognise Human Faces, L. Spacek and M. Kubat
Exploiting Parallelism in Primitive Operations on Bulk Data Types: Some Results, S. Lavington, M. Waite, J. Robinson and N. Dewhurst
CSM-176 Alternative Parameter Choices for Multi-step Quasi-Newton Methods, J. Ford and I. Moghrabi
CSM-175 The IFS/2: Add-on Support for Knowledge-based Systems, S. Lavington
CSM-174 A Generalised Theory of Default Reasoning - Preliminary Remarks, R. August
CSM-173 A Synthetic Join Benchmark for Evaluating DBMS/KBS Hardware and Software, A. Marsh and S. Lavington
CSM-172 Nonmonotonic Reasoning and Self Reference, N. Obeid
CSM-171 Multi-Step Quasi-Newton Methods for Optimization, J. Ford and I. Moghrabi
CSM-170 A Novel Architecture for Handling Persistent Objects, S. Lavington
CSM-169 DDBK graph operations for the IFS/2, N. Dewhurst, S. Lavington, and J. Robinson
CSM-168 Relational algebraic operations for the IFS/2, N. Dewhurst and S. Lavington



Part 1 & Part 2

An Investigation using Computer Models into the Relationships between Task Uncertainty, Complexity and Organisation, D. Mack
CSM-166 Exploiting Parallelism in Primitive Operations on Bulk Data Types S. Lavington,  M. Waite, J. Robinson, and N. Dewhurst
CSM-165 Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems using Neural Networks, C. Wang, E. Tsang
CSM-164 The external procedural interface (EPI) for the IFS/2: Parts 1 and 2, S. Lavington and J. Wang
CSM-163 Modal Reasoning in Relational Systems, B. Lowden, B. Walls, A. De Roeck, C. Fox and R. Turner
CSM-162 Constraint Checking for Modal Queries, B. Lowden, C. Fox, A. De Roeck, R. Turner and B. Walls
CSM-161 Efficient Generation of SQL Expressions from Natural Language, B. Lowden, B. Walls, A. De Roeck, C. Fox and R. Turner
CSM-160 The External Procedural Interface (EP1) for the IFS/2 Part 1, S. Lavington and J. Wang


CSM-158 Exploiting Data-Parallelism in Knowledge-Based Systems, S. Lavington and J. Robinson
CSM-157 Parallel Associative Combinator Evaluation, M. Waite, B. Giddings and S. Lavington
CSM-156 On Theories of Defaults and their Semantics, M. Fang and N. Obeid
CSM-155 Extending the Power of Object Oriented Systems by using Active Memory, R. Davies
CSM-154 Using Distributed AI to study the Emergency of Human Social Organisation, J. Doran
CSM-153 On the Approach to Default Reasoning based on the Conditional Logic (N)
CSM-152 Towards Constructive Program Derivation in VDM, C. Lewington
CSM-151 Quasi-Newton Methods for Sparse Nonlinear Systems, W. Hart
CSM-150 On Some Aspects of Default Reasoning, N. Obeid and M. Fing
CSM-148 Safe positive induction in the programming logic TK, M. Henson
CSM-147 Deriving denotational semantics from axiomatic semantics within constructive set theory, C. P. Lewington
CSM-146 The Wivenhoe Computational Model: In search of more parallelisms, J. Wang and S. Lavington
CSM-145 Active Memory for Managing Persistent Objects, S. Lavington and R. Davies
CSM-144 Fault Diagnosis and Planning with Incomplete Knowledge, E. Tsang
CSM-143 A Transitive Closure and Magic Functions Machine, J. Robinson and S. Lavington
CSM-142 Solution Synthesis in the Constraint Satisfaction Problem, E. Tsang & N. Foster

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