Results of the

Physical Travelling Salesperson Problem

for GECCO 2005

Simon M. Lucas


Congratulations go to the winner: Martin Byr÷d,
and to the close contenders:
Rok Sibanc, Jiaqiao Hu, and JosÚ Antonio MartÝn H.
Also of note is Bob MacCallum's GP evolved controller

Final league table

The table below shows the best solution from each entrant, together with links to that solution, and a PDF file briefly describing the method.

Some observations:

Name + PDF Route (nVectors, nForces, file) Route Map
Martin Byr÷d [PDF] 648, 636 [route.txt]
Rok Sibanc [PDF] 652, 652 [route.txt]
Jiaqiao Hu [PDF] 689, 681 [route.txt]
JosÚ Antonio MartÝn H. [PDF] 692, 669 [route.txt]
Bob MacCallum [PDF] 942, 941 [route.txt]


Simon M. Lucas
Competitions Chair
GECCO 2005