Special Issue on

Particle Swarm Optimization of

Swarm Intelligence



Guest editors:

Riccardo Poli, University of Essex, rpoli@essex.ac.uk

Jim Kennedy, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, kennedy.jim@gmail.com

Andries Engelbrecht, University of Pretoria, engel@cs.up.ac.za



The Particle Swarm Optimizer (PSO), one of the pillars of Swarm Intelligence, is a remarkable algorithm for at least two reasons: (a) it has a very simple formulation which makes it easy to implement, apply, extend and hybridise, and (b) it is a constant source of complex and emergent phenomena, which are at the essence of swarm intelligence. Many people around the world are exploring PSOs and their applications.

This journal special issue solicits novel high-quality scientific contributions on Particle Swarm Optimization. While papers on any aspect of PSO are welcome, of special interest are submissions on:

·         Empirical and theoretical analyses of the dynamics of PSO particles and populations and their modulation by different kinds of social networks

·         Applications of PSO to high-impact areas and real-world problems

·         Innovative studies and algorithms for setting PSO parameters (including adaptive and parameterless PSOs)

·         Advanced bare-bones and distribution-based PSOs

·         PSOs for stochastic, dynamic, multi-objective and combinatorial optimization problems

·         Novel combinations of PSO algorithms with other AI, Computational Intelligence or OR techniques.

Now accepting submissions online:


Authors are invited to submit original work on topics relevant for this special issue. The submission deadline is June 1, 2008. The publication of the special issue is tentatively scheduled for early Spring 2009.

Authors should submit their manuscripts to the Swarm Intelligence Editorial Manager at http://www.editorialmanager.com/swrm. Please, select “Special Issue on Particle Swarm Optimization” as the article type. When submitting a paper, please send at the same time also an email to Riccardo Poli (rpoli@essex.ac.uk) with paper title and author list to inform about the submission.