A number of competitions will take place as part of GECCO 2006. These include the following (more may be added later):

DEADLINE Wednesday 14th June 12:00 hours (GMT)
(all competitions have the same deadline)

Submission of Entries:
Submissions should be emailed to the competition chair by the deadline. (See details in each competition for the exact information required to enter). The email should clearly specify for which competition the entry is to be intended, the authors of the work, their institution and email, phone, etc.

Only one entry per competition is allowed by the same competitors, but there is no limit as to the number of different competitions each competitor takes part in.

In submitting an entry to a GECCO 2006 competition the competitors agree that if the entry will be judged to be a winning entry in its category, at least one of the authors of the winning entry will register for the conference and will attend the competitions session to give a presentation on their work and receive the award. Should attendance prove impossible for reasons of visa, travel budget, etc., a high quality video presentation of the entry must be submitted (at least one competitor will still need to register).

AWARDS: each winning entry will receive an official award certificate and a $100 prize.

Please, register your interest in these competitions by dropping me an email. This way I can keep you up to date on any refinements to the data or the rules, and I can also inform you of any new competitions.


Riccardo Poli, GECCO 2006 Competition Chair, rpoli AT