RoboCup Challenge

Objective: This project lies in an interdisciplinary research area involving robotics, artificial intelligence, optimisation, sensors, and embedded computer systems. Funded by the Royal Society and the University RPF awards, we are currently building a firm research platform on which future work on multi-agent systems can be carried out toward many real-world applications. In general, RoboCup (the Robot World Cup) is an international research initiative to foster Robotics and Artificial Intelligence using football as a common task. It shares many characteristics of real football games and makes the competition very challenging. Its ultimate goal is "By mid-21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid football robots should win over the World Cup champion team." This is another landmark project aiming to achieve significant advance in science and technology similar to other landmark projects such as the IBM Deep Blue project. Our Essex research team will work closely with other teams together, step by step toward the realisation of our dream. We welcome anyone who is interested in making his/her contribution to join this challenging project, especially the talented students who are willing to do research degrees.

Methods: The project will adopt multi-agent and evolutionary computation techniques to address many fundamental issues such as robot cooperative behaviours, multi-robot coordination, co-evolution in a robot population, real-time reasoning, learning from experience, and sensor fusion.

Funding: This project has been financially supported by Sony, Royal Society (7,825, G503/21644), RoboCup Committee (2,500), RPF (9,850, DDP940), RPF (9,800, DDPB40), etc.

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