Organising Committee

Prof Dines BjÝrner
 Prof Martin Henson
 Prof Branislav Rovan

 Dr Dusan Guller
 Mr Martin Penicka


A PhD Summer School

Logics of Formal Software Specification Languages


School began: Sunday 4pm 6 June 2004
School ended: Saturday 9am 19 June 2004

Each of the nine lecture series featured five 70 minute lectures. The full programme, and the tutors, were as follows:

"The Expressive Power of Abstract-State Machines", Wolfgang Reisig, Humboldt-Universitšt zu Berlin, Germany

"Foundations of the B method", Dominique Mery, Universitť Henri Poincarť, France

"CafeOBJ: Logical Foundations and Methodologies", Razvan Diaconescu, Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, Romania

"CASL - The Common Algebraic Specification Language: language, semantics, proof calculus, tools", Till Mossakowski, University of Bremen, Germany

"Duration Calculus: A formal approach to real-time systems", Michael R. Hansen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

"The Logic of the RAISE Specification Language", Chris George, United Nations University, Macau

"Specifying Systems in TLA+", Stephan Merz, INRIA Lorraine, France

"VDM in theory and practice", John Fitzgerald, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom

"Z logic: applications and consequences", Steve Reeves, University of Waikato, New Zealand


Background and objectives

LFSL'04 was a two-week international summer school which brought PhD students and young researchers up to date with a full range of formal software specification languages.

The main focus of the school was on logics for formal specification and related to two special issues of the journal Computing and Informatics: Volume 22, 2003, No. 3 and Volume 22, 2003, No. 4


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