A CoLogNET Event

A PhD Summer School

Logics of Formal Software Specification Languages

Congress Centre Academia in Stara Lesna

The High Tatras, Slovakia
June 6-19, 2004


AUDIENCE This Summer School is aimed at PhD Students, young researchers and academics with interests in formal methods, system specification, program development and logical foundations.

PROGRAMME The scientific programme of consists of lecture courses by renowned experts in the field specification languages and their logical foundation. The school offers nine main courses, each focussing on one major specification language and its logic.

CAMPUS The Congress Center Academia is situated at the foot of the Lomnicky peak in the eastern part of the Vysoke Tatry Mountains in Slovakia, close to the Tatra National Park, and in quiet surroundings.

APPLICATIONS Important information: dates, fees, accommodation and sponsorship.

TRAVEL Travelling to Slovakia, and the Congress Center.

ENQUIRIES Dusan Guller: guller@fmph.uniba.sk


Prof Dines Bjørner General Chair
Prof Martin Henson School Director
Prof Branislav Rovan School Co-Director
Dr Dusan Guller School Logistics
Mr Martin Penicka Administration


Background and objectives

LFSL'04 is a two-week international summer school which aims to bring PhD students and young researchers up to date with a full range of formal software specification languages.

The main focus of the school is on logics for formal specification and relates to two special issues of the journal Computing and Informatics: Volume 22, 2003, No. 3 and Volume 22, 2003, No. 4

This Summer School is  supported by:


Technical University of Denmark
University of Essex
Comenius University


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