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Squirrel Demonstration



Please note: currently, this form returns all of the output of the Squirrel system. Answers returned by INGRES may appear someway down.

Also note that the file systems here are undergoing a reorganisation. This means that the INGRES server is not always running. However, you should still be able to see the system working up to the point at which SQL is submitted to the database.

The front-end is currently working with a toy database whose domain is that of a small business. See below for some sample queries.

Type your Natural Language Query into the Form below:

Natural Language Query:

Click the Submit button below to run the query

Note that the first query you enter may take a little longer than the rest due to the need to start up the Squirrel system

Sample Queries

Here are some sample queries that you might like to try:

Form developed by John Carson

Chris Fox, September 1995