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Can Edna earn 2000?


A case where the modal query is true already.

ENG: can edna earn 2000
SYN: (s(aux(can))(np(propn(edna)))
 PT: $m `earn:`2000:`edna
FOL: $M earn(`edna,`2000)
MOD: Entering modal query mode
URC: [`edna,*,`2000,*]:emp
DRC: [`edna,*,`2000,*]:emp
OP1: [`edna,*,`2000,*]:emp

PAR: is there a consistent database state in which edna earns 2000

TRC: exists(tuple1:emp,tuple1!name=edna&tuple1!sal=2000)
OP2: exists(tuple1:emp,tuple1!name=edna&tuple1!sal=2000)
OP3: exists(sk1:emp,sk1!name=edna&sk1!sal=2000)
ANS: Yes, this is true in the current database state

Chris Fox, September 1995