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Squirrel Documentation

Chris Fox

September 1995

A postscript version of this documentation is also available.

Note: comments on this documentation or questions about Squirrel should be addressed to the author at Essex University, email: foxcj@essex ac uk. You may also contact the author if you wish to be informed of substantial updates to this document, or the online demonstrator.


Squirrel is a portable natural language front end to relational databases. It takes questions phrased in a sub-set of English, parsers them into a formal representation, and then translates that representation into an optimised SQL query.

This documentation outlines what the system does, the representations it uses, and gives an indication of the systems coverage. Currently, it is intended to give a flavour of how the system works, rather than the sort of detail needed to reconstruct the programs or configure them for a new domain.

Chris Fox, September 1995