Hall of Fame
Some PhD students supervised by Dr Libor Spacek
Tajje-eddine Rachidi was awarded his PhD in 1995 for the thesis entitled: Separating Solid Objects Using the Correspondence of Boundaries. Subsequently he became an academic and a consultant in Casablanca, publishing a number of further papers on the subject.
Darryl Hond started face recognition research in October 1993, concentrating on occluded faces on complex backgrounds. He finished successfully in September 1997, having worked for one year in British industry in-between. After completion, Darryl went to work for DERA, Malvern.
WKJ Lim started face recognition research in October 1995, concentrating on local anthropomorphic descriptors. He completed successfully in January 1999, with thesis entitled: Automatic Face Recognition using Face Region Characteristics. WKJ Lim returned to Singapore where he now holds a senior position.
Christopher Burbridge started PhD research on Omnidirectional Vision for Robotics in October 2006
September 2005 MSc Dissertation by Richard Newcombe
Object recognition using Fourier-Mellin invariant descriptors:  details