The 2nd Annual CLUK Research Colloquium

A National Colloquium for Natural Language Processing PhD Students


Proceedings of the Second
UK Special Interest Group for Computational Linguistics (CLUK2)
held at the University of Essex on
11th and 12th January 1999


  • Anna Baczkowska, Bydgoszcz University

Creating a Polish Learner Corpus of Spoken English. A. Baczkowska, B. Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, J. Melia (eds) Proceedings of PALC '1999, 15-18th April 1999. Peter Lang GmbH, Frankfurt/M, Germany (forthcoming, December 1999).

  • Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield

Generating Tailored Explanations with an Independent Agent Model

  • Nadjet Bouayad-Agha and Adam Kilgarriff, University of Brighton

Duplication in Corpora

  • Hamid Khosravi and Yorick Wilks, University of Sheffield

Automatic Speech Act Classification of Corpora

  • Katerina Kouletaki, UMIST

Factors in Lexical Choice

  • Anne De Roeck, Udo Kruschwitz, Philip Neal, Paul Scott, Sam Steel, Ray Turner, Nick Webb, University of Essex

YPA - An Intelligent Directory Enquiry Assistant

  • Diana Maynard and Sophia Ananiadou, Manchester Metropolitan University

Identifying Contextual Information for Term Extraction

  • Roser Morante, University of Barcelona

Extended Meanings of Verbs: a Proposal of Formalisation

  • Giorgos Orphanos and Christos Tsalidis, University of Patras

Combining Handcrafted and Corpus-acquired Lexical Knowledge into a Morphosyntactic Tagger

  • Darren Pearce, University of Sussex

An Investigation of Smoothing Techniques in Statistical Parse Selection

  • Andrea Setzer, University of Sheffield

Extracting Temporal Information from Text

  • Gerardo Sierra, UMIST

Analogy-based Semantic Clustering for Terminological Information Retrieval

  • Derek Walker, University of Geneva

The VINCI Approach to the Variation of Style in Generation

  • Menno van Zaanen, University of Leeds

Error Correction using DOP

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