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Negotiation Protocols and Strategies


Maria Fasli

Project Description:

With the advent of internet there has been an increasing interest in fully automating transactions and in particular the process of negotiating for goods and services. Auctions in particular, are among the most popular negotiation protocols. They constitute a general class of negotiation protocols in which price is determined dynamically by the auction participants. We are interested in multi-attribute auctions, that is auctions in which the negotiation for a good is not one-dimensional based on price, but there are additional attributes like for instance the delivery date, the quality or even the reputation of the seller/buyer that are considered in the process. Winner determination and the effective design of strategies in such auctions is far more difficult than in single attribute auctions. Moreover, auctions in which one can negotiate for a bundle of interrelated goods and not only for individual goods are also more complex and again the design of effective strategies is more difficult.


  Tuesday, 26 October 2004