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Machine Learning and
Intelligent Agents

Machine Learning and Intelligent Agents


Gait Analysis for Cerebral Palsy Patients: Dr H Lakany
Analysis of Human Walking: Dr H Lakany
Mining EEGs for hands-free control of computer interfaces: Dr J Gan, Dr H Lakany, Professor R Poli, Dr F Sepulveda


Using machine learning techniques to identify valid protein bindings: Dr P Scott


Computer controlled car racing: Dr S Lucas
Robust reading: Dr S Lucas
Visual tracking for robot control: Dr J Gan

Intelligent Data Analysis

Evolving finite state machines: Dr S Lucas
High performance sequence recognition: Dr S Lucas
Mining the web for software components: Dr P Scott
Interpretable Models for Intelligent Data Analysis and System Identification: Dr J Gan
Content-Based Information Retrieval and Multimedia Database: Dr J Gan

Cooperative and competitive agents

Trading agents: Dr M Fasli
Trust: Dr M Fasli
Agent-Based Vehicle Scheduling for Dockyard Operation: Professor H Hu
Negotiation Protocols and Strategies: Dr M Fasli
Learning about and from other agents: Dr M Fasli
Coalition Formation: Dr M Fasli
Social Interactions in Multi-Agent Systems: Dr M Fasli
Formal Theories for Reasoning Agents: Dr M Fasli
Agentsí self-models: Dr S Steel
Teleological reasoning in plans: Dr S Steel

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  Tuesday, 19 July 2005