Travel from the airport to the hotel

By taxi

(Easy, fast, but expensive)

You can get a taxi from the airport and ask the driver to go to the "Pallini Beach Hotel", in the village of Kallithea, in the prefecture of Halkidiki.

There are lot of taxis in the airport.

The duration of the trip is about 45 min, the cost is about 45 Euros and the distance is about 80 kilometers.

This method would be ideal if 2 or 3 people could share a taxi. (In the next weeks we will bring in contact people that are flying together, or who will arrive approximately together.

The same method could be used for the return; in this case you could ask the hotel reception for a taxi.

By bus

(Less convenient, slower, but cheaper.)

In Greece there are intercity buses, called "KTEL", which connect Thessaloniki and Athens with all other cities. The departure point for these buses is in specific points in each city.

Thessaloniki has two KTEL bus stations: one for Halkidiki (at the south-east side of the Thessaloniki, close to the airport) and one for all other destinations (at the north-west side of the city).

Actually, the KTEL bus station for Halkidiki has been separated from the KTEL bus station for other destinations, because Halkidiki is the only Greek prefecture which is located in the south of Thessaloniki.

So, following this method, you have to go to the Halkidiki KTEL bus station and then take the appropriate bus to go to the hotel.

In order to go from the airport to the Halkidiki KTEL bus station, the best way is to get a taxi. Ask the driver for "KTEL Halkidikis". Approximate cost: 6 Euros, approximate time: 15-30 minutes, depending on the traffic.

We do not recommend to use the public intracity transportation for this case, since the connection between the airport and the Halkidiki KTEL bus station is not good.

Then, you can take the KTEL bus to go to the hotel. You can find the timetables in (Note that the summer timetable may be not valid for September; we will know that at the beginning of September).

The destinations which pass in front of the Pallini Beach hotel are Paliouri and Pefkohori - Hanioti - Polihrono - Kriopigi. (Note that the hotel is immediately after the village Kallithea and a little more before the village Kriopigi). Alternatively, you can take a bus for Kassandria; in that case you have to leave the bus in the village of Kallithea and then get a local taxi to go the hotel or go on foot - it is 5 minutes walking distance from Kallithea center.

The cost of the bus is 6 Euros per person and the duration of the trip is 1 hour.

None of the above

We are arranging to route some mini-busses between the airport and the hotel (and back). We are collecting your flight details, in order to cover as many people as possible. We will give you the details soon.

In case of any problem, please contact Ioannis Refanidis at the number 0973-305874. You can buy a telephone card from any kiosk, e.g. at the airport; there are public phones both at the airport and in several places across the roads.

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