Flights being met

Dear speakers/organizers/attendees of the PLANET International Summer School on AI Planning

According to the flight details you sent to the local organizing committee (and of course our budget capabilities), we arranged to have 3 bus transits from and to the airport. These are the following:

Airport => Hotel

Hotel => Airport

Meeting points

At the airport, the meeting point is on the 1st floor, behind the elevator. Note that the airport has three floors; The ground floor is the arrivals' hall; the first floor is the departures' hall; and the second floor has a restaurant. At the hotel, the meeting point is the hotel reception. Please be at the meeting points at least 15 minutes before the departure of the bus.

Contact persons

In the airport there will be always someone of the local organizers (actually either me Ioannis Refanidis Dimitris Vrakas). In case you have to wait long time for the above buses, we will help you to use the public transportation (KTEL buses).

We will send you separate e-mail with more personal guidelines.

P.S.: The above timetable is almost definitive. However, in case of dramatic changes in your flight details, it could be changed. In that case you will be notified by e-mail.