Language and Computation Group

The research by the members of the Language and Computation group covers most areas of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Engineering.

Grammars and Parsing: research focuses on Constraint-Based grammars formalisms (Arnold, Borsley, Sadler, Spencer) and statistical and symbolic parsing (Arnold, Borsley)

Semantics and semantic interpretation: our research in this area includes work on the logical foundations of semantics (Fox), on psychologically motivated computational models of semantic processing (Poesio), on vector-based models of lexical and text representation, used, e.g., in anaphora resolution (Poesio).

Applications: some of the areas of interest include generation, e.g., for dynamic web page generation (Poesio), information retrieval and web search (Kruschwitz, Robinson), machine translation (Arnold, Sadler), spoken dialogue systems (Kruschwitz, Poesio).