Language and Computation Seminar, 2005/06: 
Empirical Methods in NLP

This year's seminar is about how to design an experiment both in general and with specific application to NLP, how to test an  hypothesis and, more in general, how to evaluate an NLP system. We will try to use examples from anaphora resolution, but we will also read experimental work from other areas of NLP.

The most novel feature of this year's seminar is that this is going to be an AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION SEMINAR, meaning that the participants (you) are all expected to present some material; Massimo will only do few presentations .... so have a look at the topics identified below and decide what you'd like to read.

This term, the seminar will meet in the Colloquium Room in Computer Science (5A.540, next to Massimo's office), Tuesdays, 11-12:45.

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