Useful Links in Constraints Research


The 2nd International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Singapore, 15-18 December 2003
Congress of Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2003) 8-12 December, 2003
Constraint Programming (CP-2003), Cork, Ireland, September 2003
EuroGP (EuroGP'03) Colchester, UK, April 2003 (photos) (Proceedings)

Constraint Products / Companies

Global Optimum Limited (software development for businesses efficiency).
Yudoko, a Sudoku puzzle solver and generator (it generates puzzles with unique solutions)
Enginest Software -- Natural Constraint Language (NCL).
ECLiPSe from IC-Parc.
i2 (Supply Chain Management).
LINE (collective transportation, logistics).
MPL (Optimisation Modelling tool).
Actenum Corporation (Bill Havens, Morten Irgens, Vancouver)
Artelys Kalis (a constraint programming framework enabling the user to define its own constraints and search heuristics.)

Research Material

Constraints Archive
Constraint satisfaction problems teaching material
Consnet: people involved in constraints research
Inter-disciplinary Scheduling Network, UK
CSPLib: Benchmark Library for Constraints.
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page. a huge collection of pointers for OR.
Unified CS TR Index from Indiana, USA.
Travelling Salesman Library
SAT Library
Genetic Algorithms Archive.
Europe's Network of Excellence for Agent-based Computing.
A Compendium of NP Optimization Problems.
The UK Constraints Network (1999-)
JPL Planning & Scheduling Research
Constraints on First Order Logic
Constraints and Music
Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDA), Professor Pedro Larraņaga's group at University of the Basque Country, Spain
The Reactive Search Website

Research Centres

Cork Constraint Computation Centre, (4C)
IC Parc, Imperial College.
APES Group.
CIRL, University of Oregon.
SIGART's AI Resources Page.
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.
WWW Virtual Library: Artificial Intelligence.
AI International, UK.
WWW sites in Hong Kong.
Map of and links to UK Universities.
Jimmy Boyce's Image Processing Group, King's College, London.
Pablo Moscato, (links to Memetic algorithms, TSP Library).
Knowledge Engineering and Computational Intelligence Laboratory, Otago University, New Zealand (Nikola Kasabov).
Xerox Model-based Computing Project (Markus Fromherz).
Professor Hao's Constraint & Combinatorial Optimization Group.
Professor Makoto Yokoo (distributed constraint satisfaction).
Java Constraint Kit
Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) by Thom Fruehwirth.
FRODO, a simulation platform for distributed constraint satisfaction/optimization problems by Adrian Petcu, AI Lab, EPFL, Switzerland
International Centre for Scientific Research

University of Essex Constraint Programming Group Home Page