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Intelligent Inhabited Environments (IIE)
(Pervasive Computing)

Intelligent Inhabited Environments Group

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Essex Robotics

Robotics - who we are

Field and Service Robotics

Intelligent Autonomous Systems
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Machine consciousness and swarm intelligence


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Constraint Satisfaction & Optimisation
Computational Finance

Constraints & Optimisation


Constraint Satisfaction

Computational Finance

Natural Language Engineering
Web Applications

Natural Language Engineering & Web Applications: at-a-glance

Highlight I: Acquisition of lexical & ontological knowledge. Application I: Anaphora

Application II: Intelligent Search

Highlight II: The semantics & interpretation of abstract objects

Highlight III: Dialogue & Speech

Machine Learning
Intelligent Agents




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Human-Computer Interfaces

Human-Computer Interfaces

Human-Computer Interfaces

Human-Computer Interfaces

Human-Computer Interfaces

Natural and Evolutionary Computation (NEC)

Natural and Evolutionary Computation (NEC)


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Dependable Systems

Dependable Systems Group

Foundations of Specification

Specification Logics and Refinement

FM for System Architecture and Design

Program Analysis

Tools and Interoperability

Formal Methods for Embedded Systems