Department of Computer Science

(part of the Department of Computing & Electronic Systems)

New EPSRC Industrial CASE Studentships

Salary for Web Developers up by 26%. Related Degrees: MSc ECT, AWAP, Web Development and BSc Internet Technology.

As one of the largest computer science departments in the UK, we pride ourselves on excellence in research and teaching.  In a recent Guardian Survey we were rated 12th out of 100 Computer Science Departments in the UK.

Our BSc and BEng Degree Schemes encompass recent developments in computing and electronics including Agent Technologies, Embedded Systems Design, Human Computer Interaction and Mobile Application Programming. October 2007 entry  October 2008 entry

Our international reputation has enabled us to appoint leading experts in all our major research areas and to attract the financial resources to equip our research and teaching laboratories to the highest standards.  This leads directly into our prestigious MSc Degree Schemes.  We produce world-class research and provide top-quality teaching within a friendly, supportive learning environment.

Our Research Degrees give students the opportunity to become closely involved with a number of ongoing research activities within the department. These include Evolutionary Computation, Brain-Computer Interfacing, Intelligent Inhabited Environments and Financial Forecasting. The Robotics research group is now the largest of its kind in the UK, and has recently been making the news with advances in Biologically Inspired Robotics.

  Wednesday, 26 September 2007