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I am a member of the Language and Computation Group (LAC) here at Essex (most recent LAC Day: 29th September 2015; earlier events:13th LAC Day 2013, 12th LAC Day 2013, 11th LAC Day 2012, 10th LAC Day 2011).

My research interests are in natural language processing (NLP), information retrieval (IR) and the implementation of such techniques in real applications. The intelligent directory enquiry assistant (YPA) project is an example (going back quite a few years now ...) where the extraction of information from partially structured data together with engineering issues played major roles in making the YPA a usable online system. 

I am developing techniques that allow the extraction of conceptual information from document collections and the utilization of such knowledge in retrieval tasks. The type of documents can range from Web pages to newspaper articles or other forms of vaguely/partially structured data. You can see these methods in action by trying out the University of Essex search engine (any feedback welcome!)

We are also exploring how to implement and use such techniques in future intelligent home environments. This work is carried out as part of the research in the Digital Lifestyles Centre here at Essex.

Current Projects

  • NEW! IGGI CDT A new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) on Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI) offering 55 PhD student scholarships over 8 years has been funded by the EPSRC. The first 12 students have been admitted for October 2014, and we just welcomed the second cohort. The CDT involves the University of Essex, the University of York and Goldsmith College, University of London. If you want to know more, drop me an email!

  • NEW!A new three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project involving the Minority Rights Group and Essex (Poesio/Kruschwitz) has just started. The project will result in new systems to support civilian-led monitoring of human-rights violations.

  • NEW!A five-year ESRC Large Grant on Human Rights in the Era of Big Data has just been announced. The Language and Computation Group (Fox/Poesio/Kruschwitz) will play a significant role in this project which also builds on our links with the Minority Rights Group. Watch this space!

  • The SENSEI FP7 project started in November 2013. The one-line aim of the project is to make sense of human-human conversation by, for example, applying advanced natural-language engineering techniques such as anaphora resolution and multi-document summarization.

  • A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project involving the MBS Group / Signal Media and us has kicked off in June 2013. As the University Lead PI I am pleased that Miguel Martinez-Alvarez has joined us to work on this project as a KTP Associate!
    Exciting news (November 2014): Miguel is officially a Business Leader of Tomorrow (here is a short video portrait of Miguel ... and more coverage of the event / main actors here).
    More exciting news (April 2015): Best demo award at ECIR 2015 for Signal demo, and even more exciting: Signal has just announced that it has raised $1.8m growth capital from top tier investors (see Techcrunch).
    NEW!Hot off the press: Signal project wins Best KTP Partnership Award 2015.

  • PEBL-AI is a project that follows on from the Patient Experience and Public Engagement Blogs (PEBL) project. PEBL-AI will result in an automated interface between clinical commissioner groups (CCGs) and the communities they serve.

  • Creating anaphorically annotated resources through semantic wikis (AnaWiki) (EPSRC) This project has led to the development of Phrase Detectives, an annotation game aimed at the creation of semantically annotated corpora: Phrase Detectives

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