Massimo Poesio

I am a computational linguist: a cognitive scientist who studies language and knowledge using a combination of computational methods and methods from Linguistics, Psychology and the Neural Sciences. Topics of special interest to me include semantic interpretation, both from a cognitive perspective and from the applicative perspective of information extraction / text mining;  the organization and acquisition of conceptual knowledge (using machine learning techniques to acquire information from corpora and brain data); and the role of commonsense knowledge and attention in the interpretation of anaphoric expressions, particularly in spoken conversation. Ongoing projects include the development of the Phrase Detectives game-with-a-purpose (using crowd sourcing to create resources for anaphora resolution); the Concepts in Brain and Language project in collaboration with the University of Trento devoted to studing conceptual representations by using a combination of brain imaging and techniques for acquiring concepts from corpora, with its spinoffs ADAM and Deep Relations; the GALATEAS EU project on using HLT techniques to facilitate the analysis of query logs, e.g., in digital libraries such as Bridgeman's; and the study of several aspects of anaphora resolution using the  BART toolkit. Past projects include ARRAU  (studying difficult cases of anaphora), the 2007 Johns Hopkins workshop ELERFED (using lexical and encyclopedic knowledge for entity disambiguation), GNOME (generating referring expressions), and LiveMemories (using information extraction to help sharing knowledge). I am a full professor at the School of Computing and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, and a member of the University's Language and Computation group and Digital Lifestyles Centre. I am also part of the University of Essex Digital Humanities research community, which recently got funding from AHRC for the Going Digital initiative.

If you are interested in studying computational linguistics, whether from a cognitive or engineering perspective, consider our group! I am happy to supervise third year-,  MSc- and PhD-level projects in Information Extraction/Text Mining (particularly coreference and Arabic IE), spoken dialogue interaction with intelligent environments (as in this example), and  crowdsourcing. 

My old page with additional links is here.