PLANET Network or Excellence in Planning and Scheduling
UK Planning and Scheduling SIG

Joint "Gap-Bridging Seminar"

Planning and scheduling in INDUSTRY and Academia

12 December, 13:00

The Conference Suite, 2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh

Industry and academia both work on planning and scheduling, but they do not work together as well as one would hope. They have different goals. Industry must sell, academia must publish, and there is no time to talk to the other people.

PLANET is trying to do something about this. There will be a "gap-bridging seminar" the day before PLANSIG 2001, the twentieth Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group.

This is the first event of this kind. At it, practitioners from industry will talk about their work - the techniques, the problems, customer needs, what can and cannot be done. We hope this will set research in planning and scheduling in context.


In order to encourage industry/academic links, PLANET is subsidizing attendance at the seminar. There is no fee for attendance.

PLANET will support at least 15 people from anywhere in Europe at these rates: For non-members, a limited number of special arrangements are available. Please contact the organiser.

Note that you can combine this with PLANSIG 2001.

If you want to attend, send an email to Sam Steel ( with your name, organization, status, contact details.

Sam Steel
Department of Computer Science, University of Essex
Colchester CO4 3SQ, UK
+44 (0) 1206 872786