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The 2nd Annual CLUK Research Colloquium

EPSRC Award GR/M64925

A National Colloquium for Natural Language Processing PhD Students


The CLUK colloquia are low cost events aimed at giving UK research students in computational linguistics a high quality platform where they can (a) gain realistic experience of presenting their work and (b) receive feedback from established researchers in the field. The colloquia are organised as refereed conferences. Student participation at all levels of organising the events is high.

The 2nd annual CLUK research colloquium was held on 11th and 12th January 1999. EPSRC support to travel and subsistence costs allowed us to significantly improve the quality of the event. In particular, it made it possible to add interest and value by attracting two invited speakers to the colloquium, and to increase the benefits of feedback by doubling the participation of experienced researchers.

Evaluations collected from participants show that these factors contributed significantly to the quality of the event as experienced by students. Feedback was collected and digested by student members of the CLUK committee, and can be found on:

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