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IEEE CIG 2007 Accepted Papers

The IEEE retains the copyright on all the papers

The PDF for each paper is hyperlinked from the paper title.
Papers are listed in order of presentation time.

Congratulations go to Yizao Wang and Silvain Gelly,
winners of the IEEE CIG 2007 Best Paper Award, for their paper:
Modifications of UCT and sequence-like simulations for Monte-Carlo Go

ID Format Title Authors
2074 Keynote

Toward a Competitive Pool Playing Robot: is Computational Intelligence Needed to Play Robotic Pool?

Michael Greenspan, Joseph Lam, Will Leckie, Marc Godard, Imran Zaidi, Ken Anderson, Donna Dupuis, Sam Jordan
2073 Oral Snooker Robot Player - 20 Years On Kenneth H.L. Ho, Trevor Martin and Jim Baldwin
2027 Oral Micro Robot Hockey Simulator - Game Engine Design Wayne Chen and Shahram Payandeh
2031 Oral On Experiences in a Complex and Competitive Gaming Domain: Reinforcement Learning Meets RoboCup Martin Riedmiller and Thomas Gabel
2029 Oral Extracting NPC behavior from computer games using computer vision and machine learning techniques Alex Fink, Joerg Denzinger and John Aycock
2072 Oral Waving Real Hand Gestures Recorded by Wearable Motion Sensors to a Virtual Car and Driver in a Mixed-Reality Parking Game David Bannach, Oliver Amft, Kai S. Kunze, Ernst A. Heinz, Gerhard Troester and Paul Lukowicz
2012 Oral Adaptation of Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Strategies by Evolution and Learning Han Yang Quek and Chi Keong Goh
2015 Oral Cooperation in Prisoner's Dilemma on Graphs Daniel Ashlock
2063 Oral A Comparison of Genetic Programming and Look-up Table Learning for the Game of Spoof Mark Wittkamp, Luigi Barone and Lyndon While
2048 Oral Using a Genetic Algorithm to Explore A*-like Pathfinding Algorithms Ryan Leigh, Sushil Louis and Chris Miles
2052 Oral Adversarial Planning Through Strategy Simulation Franisek Sailer, Michael Buro and Marc Lanctot
2050 Oral Co-Evolving Influence Map Tree Based Strategy Game Players Chris Miles, Juan Quiroz, Sushil Louis and Ryan Leigh
2069 Oral Modelling the Evolution of Cooperative Behavior in Ad Hoc Networks using a Game Based Model Marcin Seredynski, Pascal Bouvry and Mieczyslaw Klopotek
2062 Oral A Historical Population in a Coevolutionary System Phillipa Avery, Zbigniew Michalewicz and Martin Schmidt
2066 Oral Effective Use of Transposition Tables in Stochastic Game Tree Search Joel Veness and Alan Blair
2030 Oral An Investigation into Tournament Poker Strategy using Evolutionary Algorithms Richard Carter and John Levine
2060 Oral Bayesian Opponent Modeling in a Simple Poker Environment Roderick Baker and Peter Cowling
2046 Oral Computer Strategies for Solitaire Yahtzee James Glenn
2057 Oral Concept Accessibility as Basis for Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning of Dots and Boxes Anthony Knittel and Terry Bossomaier
2006 Oral Tournament Particle Swarm Optimization Willem Duminy and Andries Engelbrecht
2022 Oral NEAT Particles: Design, Representation, and Animation of Particle System Effects Erin Hastings, Ratan Guha and Kenneth Stanley
2008 Oral Using Stochastic AI Techniques to Achieve Unbounded Resolution in Finite Player Goore Games and its Applications John Oommen, Ole-Christoffer Granmo and Asle Pedersen
2068 Oral Evolving Players for an Ancient Game: Hnefatafl Philip Hingston
2007 Oral Modifications of UCT and sequence-like simulations for Monte-Carlo Go Yizao Wang and Sylvain Gelly
2033 Oral Board Representations for Neural Go Players Learning by Temporal Difference Helmut Mayer
2070 Oral Move Prediction in Go with the Maximum Entropy Method. Nobuo Araki, Kazuhiro Yoshida, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka and Jun'ichi Tsujii
2061 Oral Hybrid Evolutionary Learning Approaches for The Virus Game Munir Hussain Naveed, Peter Cowling and Alamgir Hossain
2059 Oral Hybrid of Evolution and Reinforcement Learning for Othello Players Kim Kyung-Joong, Choi HeeJin and Cho Sung-Bae
2065 Oral Effect of look-ahead search depth in learning position evaluation functions for Othello using epsilon-greedy exploration Thomas Philip Runarsson and Egill Orn Jonsson
2067 Oral Temporal Difference Learning of an Othello Evaluation Function for a Small Neural Network with Shared Weights Edward Manning

2005 Oral Solving Japanese Puzzles with Heuristics Sancho Salcedo-Sanz, Emilio G. Ortiz-Garcia, Angel M. Perez-Bellido, Antonio Portilla-Figuras and Xin Yao
2051 Oral The Evolution of Multi-Layer Neural Networks for the Control of Xpilot Agents Matt Parker and Gary Parker
2056 Oral Evolving Parameters for Xpilot Combat Agents Gary Parker and Matt Parker
2024 Oral Game and Player Feature Selection for Entertainment Capture Georgios Yannakakis and John Hallam
2047 Oral Towards automatic personalised content creation for racing games Julian Togelius, Renzo De Nardi and Simon M. Lucas
2071 Oral Point-to-Point Car Racing: an Initial Study of Evolution Versus Temporal Difference Learning Simon Lucas and Julian Togelius
2037 Oral Automatic Generation of Evaluation Features for Computer Game Players Makoto Miwa, Daisaku Yokoyama and Takashi Chikayama
2039 Oral A Multi-Agent Architecture for General Game Playing Ziad Kobti and Shiven Sharma
2045 Oral Evolving Pac-Man Players: Can We Learn from Raw Input? Marcus Gallagher and Mark Ledwich
2009 Poster Reward Allotment Considered Roles for Learning Classifier System Yosuke Akatsuka and Yuji Sato
2016 Poster Inferring the Past: A Computational Exploration of the Strategies that May Have Been Used in the Aztec Board Game of Patolli Andres Gomez de Silva Garza and Carlos Emilio Galindo Flores
2019 Poster Pareto Evolution and Co-Evolution in Cognitive Neural Agents Synthesis for Tic-Tac-Toe Yi Jack Yau, Jason Teo and Patricia Anthony
2040 Poster Game AI in Delta3D Christian Darken, Bradley Andregg and Perry McDowell
2053 Poster Coevolving Strategies for General Game Playing Joseph Reisinger, Erkin Bahceci, Igor Karpov and Risto Miikkulainen
2054 Poster EvoTanks: Co-Evolutionary Development of Game-Playing Agents Thomas Thompson, John Levine and Gillian Hayes
2058 Poster Evolutionary Computation for Designing Game Rules of the COMMONS GAME Hisashi Handa and Norio Baba
2064 Poster Fuzzy Prolog as Cognitive Layer in RoboCupSoccer Susana Munoz-Hernandez and Wiratna Sari Wiguna
2035 Poster Genetic Algorithms for Finding Optimal Strategies for a Student's Game Thomas Butter, Franz Rothlauf, Joern Grahl, Tobias Hildenbrand and Jens Arndt
2042 Poster Vidya: A God Game Based on Intelligent Agents Whose Actions are Devised Through Evolutionary Computation Marcelo Rodrigo de Souza Pita, Salomao Sampaio Madeiro and Fernando Buarque Lima Neto
2011 Poster Discovering Chinese Chess Strategies through Coevolutionary Approaches Chin Soon Ong, Han Yang Quek, Kay Chen Tan and Arthur Tay
2041 Poster Bridge Bidding with Imperfect Information Lori DeLooze and James Downey
2002 Poster The Game of Synchronized Cutcake Alessandro Cincotti and Hiroyuki Iida