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Congratulations go to Kenneth Stanley, Bobby Bryant and Risto Miikkulainen,
winners of the CIG 2005 Best Paper Award, for their paper entitled:
Real-Time Evolution in the NERO Video Game

ID Oral / Poster Title Authors
1003 Poster A Study of Machine Learning using the Game of Fox and Geese Ken Chisholm and Donald Fleming
1005 Oral A Generic Approach for Generating Interesting Interactive Pac-Man Opponents Georgios Yannakakis and John Hallam
1008 Oral Building Reactive Characters for Dynamic Gaming Environments Peter Blackburn and Barry O'Sullivan
1009 Poster Team of cognitive agents with a leader : how to let them acquire autonomy Damien Devigne, Philippe Mathieu and Jean-Christophe Routier
1010 Oral Synchronous and Asynchronous Network Evolution in a Population of Stubborn Prisoners Leslie Luthi, Mario Giacobini and Marco Tomassini
1011 Oral Combining coaching and learning to create cooperative character behavior Joerg Denzinger and Chris Winder
1012 Poster A Survey on Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Towards Multi-Robot Systems Erfu Yang and Dongbing Gu
1013 Oral Real-Time Evolution in the NERO Video Game (Winner of CIG 2005 Best Paper Award) Kenneth Stanley, Bobby Bryant and Risto Miikkulainen
1016 Oral A New Framework to Analyze Evolutionary 2 x 2 Symmetric Games Umberto Cerruti, Mario Giacobini and Ugo Merlone
1017 Oral Evolving Reactive NPCs for the Real-Time Simulation Game Jin-Hyuk Hong and Sung-Bae Cho
1018 Oral Adaptive Strategies of MTD-f for Actual Games Kazutomo Shibahara, Nobuo Inui and Yoshiyuki Kotani
1019 Oral Bayesian Generation and Integration of K-nearest-neighbor Patterns for 19x19 Go Bruno Bouzy and Guillaume Chaslot
1022 Oral Combining Tactical Search and Monte-Carlo in the Game of Go Tristan Cazenave and Bernard Helmstetter
1023 Poster Pared-down Poker: Cutting to the Core of Command and Control Kevin Burns
1024 Poster On TRACS: Dealing with a Deck of Double-Sided Cards Kevin Burns
1025 Oral Co-evolutionary Strategies for an Alternating-Offer Bargaining Problem Nanlin Jin and Edward Tsang
1028 Oral Dealing with parameterized actions in behavior testing of commercial computer games Joerg Denzinger, Kevin Loose, Darryl Gates and John Buchanan
1030 Oral Dynamic Decomposition Search: A Divide and Conquer Approach and its Application to the One-Eye Problem in Go Akihiro Kishimoto and Martin Mueller
1032 Oral Coevolving Probabilistic Game Playing Agents using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Evangelos Papacostantis, Andries Engelbrecht and Nelis Franken
1033 Poster Incrementally Learned Subjectivist Probabilities in Games Colin Fyfe
1034 Poster Similarity-based Opponent Modelling using Imperfect Domain Theories Timo Steffens
1035 Oral An Evolutionary Approach to Strategies for the Game of Monopoly Colin Frayn
1037 Poster How to Protect Peer-to-Peer Online Games from Cheats Haruhiro Yoshimoto, Rie Shigetomi and Hideki Imai
1038 Poster Training an AI player to play pong using the GTM Gayle Leen and Colin Fyfe
1039 Oral Fringe Search: Beating A* at Pathfinding on Game Maps Yngvi Bjornsson, Markus Enzenberger, Robert Holte and Jonathan Schaeffer
1040 Oral Designing and implementing e-market games Maria Fasli and Michael Michalakopoulos
1044 Oral Utile Coordination: Learning interdependencies among cooperative agents Jelle Kok, Pieter Jan 't Hoen, Bram Bakker and Nikos Vlassis
1046 Oral Adapting Reinforcement Learning for Computer Games: Using Group Utility Functions Jay Bradley and Gillian Hayes
1047 Oral A Hybrid AI System for Agent Adaptation in a First Person Shooter Abdennour El Rhalibi and Michael Burkey
1049 Oral Academic AI and Videogames: A case study of incorporating innovative academic research into a videogame prototype Aliza Gold
1051 Oral Monte Carlo Planning in RTS Games. Michael Chung, Michael Buro and Jonathan Schaeffer
1053 Oral Coevolution in Hierarchical AI for Strategy Games Daniel Livingstone
1055 Poster Nannon: A Nano Backgammon for Machine Learning Research Jordan Pollack
1056 Oral Forcing neurocontrollers to exploit sensory symmetry through hard-wired modularity in the game of Cellz Julian Togelius and Simon Lucas
1058 Oral Evolving a Neural Network Location Evaluator to Play Ms. Pac-Man. Simon Lucas
1060 Oral Board Evaluation For The Virus Game Peter Cowling
1061 Oral Further Evolution of a Self-Learning Chess Program David Fogel, Timothy Hays, Sarah Hahn and James Quon
1062 Oral Case-Injection Improves Response Time for a Real-Time Strategy Game Chris Miles and Sushil Louis