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The set of competitions to be run in association with CIG 2005 is currently being finalised. It will include the Iterated Prisoners Dilemma, Computer Controlled Car Racing, and probably more.

Iterated Prisoners Dilemma

This was run as a highly successful competition for CEC 2004, and a variation of this will be run for CIG 2005.

See here for more details.


The most widely played strategy game in the world.  For CIG 2005 the challenge is to find the best MLP (single hidden layer with 20 nodes) for playing small board (7 x 7) Go.  The MLP is used as a game state (board) evaluator in a 1-ply look-ahead game player.

The rules are simple: each participant supplies the weights for the MLP, and all entries play each other in a league, once as black, once as white.  The winner will be the entry at the top of the league.  Ties will be broken by measuring performance against a randomised version of GnuGo.  Note: only one entry (weight file) allowed per researcher.


Computer Controlled Car Racing

This was run as a trial competition at CEC 2003 and CEC 2004.   For CIG 2005 we are putting together a new developer kit that will explain how to get a basic entry up and running - this should be available around the end of December 2004.  Please contact Simon Lucas for more information.