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Scaling Reinforcement Learning to Multi-Robot Systems


Dongbing Gu (PI)
E. Yang

Project Description:

This research addresses an investigation on reinforcement learning in multi-robot systems under the framework of stochastic games. The range involves a variety of areas, including multi-robot systems, reinforcement learning, behaviour-based robotics, fuzzy logic classifier, and game theory. The research is to develop Q-learning algorithms for co-ordination games with better understanding of their theoretical and practical aspects. It will provide new insights for multi-robot systems learning in the fundamentals of efficacy of co-learning and emergence of co-operative behaviours. It is also expected to extend the outcomes of handling large learning spaces and uncertainties to the learning in general agent-based systems. Through implementation of the research, it will lay the foundation to further study on this area and to more complex applications.


This project is funded by EPSRC (92k) (2003-2005)

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