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RoboCity: Capture the Imagination for Public Awareness of Robots


Huosheng Hu

Project Description:

After the recent advancement of AI and robotics technology, intelligent robots are almost ready to serve us in our home, hospital, office and everywhere. These robots are mobile, autonomous, and intelligent. They will play an important role in our daily life. However, “Is the public ready for such robot invasion?” Our answer is no since not enough education and publicity have been done until now. Therefore, we have envisaged the importance of capturing the public imagination. We propose an ambitious project, namely “RoboCity in County Hall” in which many intelligent robots will be built for the public to access in County Hall, Central London. The project aims at promoting public understanding of science and technology. It is the world number one of such kind, and will last a number of years.


Funded by London Aquarium Limited and RoboCity Limited