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Cooperation of Multiple Mobile Robots


Huosheng Hu

Project Description:

With the fast increase in the number of robots in industry and domestic markets, scientists and engineers in robotics community are facing the challenge on the implementation of multi-robot communication and cooperation. The key factor is that a team of smaller and simpler robots can outperform a large and complex robot. The application areas of the research include a variety of tasks where either more than one robot is required to complete a task, or where a team of robots can achieve an optimal solution in terms of time, energy efficiency, and quality. Typical applications include hazardous material handling, planetary exploration, surveillance, construction, etc. In general, a team of mobile robots to perform the specific task by cooperation has three distinguish features. First, the environment for mobile robots to confront is dynamic and multiple robots change their positions all the time. Second, multiple robots should communicate their position one another, or a central control station detects robot's position to transmit to individual robots. Third, a modular design is needed so that each component of the system can be developed systematically. This research project is to investigate how multiple robots can effectively communicate and integrate to achieve cooperation.  More details here.